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Take your writing to the NEXT level

Every great writer has a great editor. Writing is an exhausting experience and a good editor will elevate your work.


What would an editor say about your book? Get some free feedback and quote for you.

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Perks of working with an editor

Personal Support

In-Depth Analysis of Your Book

Complementary Publishing Supports

Technical Knowledge about Publishing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Resources for Improving Your Writing

Next Steps

Contact Us

Complete the contact form above to connect with an editor and receive a sample edit. You will receive a response within 24 hours

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Submit Your Book

Discuss your vision for the book, your concerns, and the supports you want to receive. In return, you will receive a sample edit and estimated timeline so you can plan your publication date.

Finalize and Publish

Once your book has been thoroughly analyzed, you will debrief with your editor. There will be time to answer your questions and discuss future revisions and publication. In addition our team will offer free resources and continue to be available to support you in the months ahead.

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